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We directly provide our own consulting internship program that is guaranteed, guided and flexible for you to take on real-life consulting projects to gain practical skills and portfolio to increase employability.

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About Us

Since 2018, Worksider has been helping over 20,000 students take their first step in their career. With various partnerships with experienced consultants and mentors, Worksider offers its own internship program for students to obtain the right skills and make their resumes shine for full-time job applications. The consulting internship program is currently available in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Why Intern with Worksider?

Having helped 20,000+ students, we have deep experience and knowledge in helping students kickstart their career. We recognize that the key issue is the Experience Paradox, a puzzling phenomenon where students apply for internships to gain their first experience but such internships require prior experience to be even considered.

With our guaranteed and guided internship program, you will be able to take the first step to overcome this paradox. You will also have your research report available online as part of your portfolio to showcase to your future employers and boost your employability.

Why a Consulting Internship?

A Consulting Internship experience will make your resume shine and increase your employability anywhere around the world. This is because consulting can help to train the 2 most critical skills in any career: Analysis and Research.

Having a consulting experience is a great way to open doors to various career paths and it can also be a testament to your ability to identify and solve problems which is highly valued by any organization you would like to join in the future.

How It Works

  • interview
    Introduction Chat

    Schedule your 1-on-1 chat online to learn more in detail what our program is about. No application fee is required. The internship offer will be provided immediately after the chat.

  • Trainings
    Week 1-5
    Trainings & Internship

    You will go through our consulting curriculum developed by experts and work on your own consulting project at your pace and schedule. You will gain access to our exclusive resources and templates.

  • success
    Showcase your portfolio

    After completion, you will receive an official certificate. Your research report will be sold to other companies online and you can use it as part of your portfolio to future employers to boost employability.

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