Worksider Consulting Internship Program

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Boost your Resume/CV

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One of the most affordable tuition-based internship programs

~15 times cheaper than industry average

  • Internship Acceptance Fee: $29

    Immediately get access to our consulting toolbox, materials and mentors with experience

  • Completion Fee: $89 (Paid only after internship)

    Receive a shareable certificate, a personalized recommendation letter to boost your employability

  • Potential to earn more royalities than the program cost

    For every sales of your report to our corporate clients, you will receive royalties

$29 + $89

*33% OFF, Limited time only
(Available in other currencies)

Here are some reasons why our program is popular

Flexible & Remote
Work on your project anytime, anywhere at your own pace. No more 9-5, Monday to Friday system
No Degree or Experience Required
No more getting rejected by companies. A guaranteed first step in your career path
Consulting Unlocks Different Career Paths
Research and analysis are 2 most critical skills needed in any career
Highly Recommended by Alumni
95%* of past participants recommend the program to other students
High Quality Curriculum
Co-developed with experienced professionals from top global consulting firms
Freedom to choose your research topic
Work on whatever industry/market you are interested in. Our motto is do you what you like
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Can I participate in the program with my friends?

Yes, you can! Please feel free to invite your friends to work on a project together. There is no restriction in the number of teammates. However, we recommend that the maximum number is 4 people.

When can I start the internship and end?

You can start anytime you wish i.e during school terms, holidays. You can also finish your internship anytime as long as you have completed the report. Our recommended schedule is about 10 hours/week which allows you to finish the project in 1.5 months.

Can I get full-time employment from this program?

While this program helps to increase your employability significantly, it is not a guaranteed placement for a full-time role. However, we have seen our corporate clients requesting to talk to our interns for potential internship or full-times roles if their reports are of high quality.

How much royalities can I earn from the sales of my research report?

You will receive 30% of all the sales of your report for the first 6 months. Generally, the reports are sold at U$70-100. The sales amount heavily depends on the quality and the topic of your research report. Worksider will use its global network to help sell your reports.